Your Voice

Semblances of you pass me by

Blue and shiny…

My heart summersaults a couple of times.

I miss you…


When days are dark and gloomy

And the last thing that I want is to carry on another day,

Your voice…


Breathes life into my failing lungs and weakening heart


I reach out and your voice fills the drying well of my soul

Reminding me that just as the earth is nourished by the living

I am nourished by your living…


Squeaky hinges

Your voice oils my hard to reach places

Leaving me with function


As though butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth

I yearn to breathe

To fill the void

To run smoothly again


I wish to throw my voice as yours

Maybe then I would listen and believe

But my small voice won’t let me yet…


So I rely on your voice

In this lovely weather for ducks…



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