Of loneliness and STI’s

sex education.jpeg

Ill-conceived ideas that lesbian sex or rather lesbianism is not prone to STIs’ or HIV usually and most certainly always lands my fellow colleagues with injection needles in their butts! Yes I said it!

Most lesbians are not particular about protection. They hope and believe that their lovers are faithful and would never put them in harms way. I wonder though if finger-cots are really that distasteful, gloves are just too damn big, and some of us dislike the smell of latex or if we are all kind heart-ed!?

OK then, what about getting tested first before anything major happens in your sex life like dipping your tongue in that honey pot? These are things that we clearly take for granted as lesbians and even after the cow injections we dive in tongue first..

I understand that in loneliness, sometimes we might succumb to physical desires, times when you can’t believe the honey pot just landed in your lap. Other times were you just met this girl online and she’s sooo amazing and you can’t wait to hit it! Or as you’d rather put it, consummate the relationship? But at what price really? Surely we can wait? Get to know the person before you indulge? Find out what price they charge when and if they do indulge in transactional sex or rather if they are even capable of negotiating for a price?dthoughts.jpeg

NO, don’t attack me. I’m not saying YOUR lover/gf is that person but I am asking you not to rule it out. As much as we don’t talk about these issues and we think we are all fine and saintly lesbians that don’t do dick; the truth of the matter is some of our colleagues do. And this in no way makes them less of a lesbian and I repeat, the fact that they engage in transactional sex doesn’t make them less of a lesbian than you are!

It’s a hustle for them not to be lonely that unfortunately sometimes results in STIs’.



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