Too Soon??

I usually have my ah-huh moments during a bath and today i found myself wondering who determines when love should blossom? If someone was to say i love you from the day you meet, are they lying? In a world were hurt is passed on like change, it’s only fair that one becomes skeptical or is it? Joan (friend in Namibia) is of the belief ‘love died in the 90’s’. In many instances i have agreed with her seeing as there are a few good men left but are also like ghosts. I have had my share of hurt from unexpected sources and was now of the notion i shall wait to determine love after 3months, if not the 5 date rule.

After months of deliberating if my feelings were real, a transfusion or just loneliness, i found myself in strong-like or so i thought?! I felt love from the start, sweeter than anything else i thought i had experienced. They say love grows and can never be instant thus ‘love at first sight’ doesn’t exist. I find myself in fear once again; how much change will i get??

I have asked couples that seem to have “made it” how and when they knew. Unanimously they said you just know… I guess the real question should be which note have i handed out? Am all for the Benjamins, all or nothing!  


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