I won’t give up

If I could quantify it then the cliché I’ve cried a thousand rivers comes to mind. I let down my guard and every time I pay the price. Armies of emotion come in and destroy the walls I work so hard to build. Do I let them in, is it my fault?
Why should I blame myself for humanity’s sins? I have fought the good fight of love, hope and forgiveness! Yet the burden somehow returns to me and I must bear it. I refuse to be angry for the war I am fighting because I know it is not their fault but the people that were before them. They forgot to leave a legacy of humanity, compassion, empathy and love. Society does not know how to love one another anymore and it’s a sad reality that the future will never know it either.

They say every journey starts with a single step, this is my step to healing. To let go of all the inhibitions I have about love. The journey to loving myself, truly and holistically. Because I won’t give up and become like the rest. I am capable of love and I will love.


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